FAQ - Treasures of Brazil - GENERAL ENQUIRY

March 08, 2023
FAQ - Treasures of Brazil - GENERAL ENQUIRY
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What is the story behind Treasures of Brazil?

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With a love of fashion and commitment to the owner’s home country, Treasures of Brazil was founded with the goal of delivering beautiful Brazilian-made designs sustainably sourced from local communities around Brazil. Now those unique styles are available in the UK market – bringing joy one treasure at a time!

Who makes Treasures of Brazil jewellery?

Our jewellery is not only handcrafted with sustainable and eco-friendly materials but by supporting small, local communities in Brazil we are working together to create something special. We collaborate with artisans from many different regions including Tocantins, Fortaleza state of Ceará, the Amazon rainforest area, as well as Rio Grande do Sul; this allows us to form meaningful connections while creating beautiful pieces!

How should I care for my jewellery?

Jewellery is an important part of your wardrobe, so it's essential to make sure you know how best to take care of them! To avoid any damage that could be caused by the elements or chemicals, store each piece in a cool and dry space (preferably away from direct sunlight). You'll also want to keep jewellery out of contact with water - this will help maintain its sparkle for years.

How can I purchase Treasures of Brazil jewellery?

Shop conveniently through our website, Instagram page or Facebook. If you prefer an in person experience for your shopping spree head over to London where we host pop up stores on select dates every month.

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