Treasures of Brazil: Our journey so far...

June 14, 2022
Treasures of Brazil: Our journey so far... Treasures of Brazil
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As we’re currently in the middle of a super busy and exciting three week pop up event in London, I wanted to share Treasures of Brazil’s journey so far.

Treasures of Brazil was born in the middle of the pandemic. I set up my online store but I knew I really wanted to be out there, meeting my customers, sharing my passion and showcasing the beautiful products I have to offer.


Once lockdown was lifted

As soon as lockdown restrictions started to ease up, I began to look for kiosks and stands at craft shows where I could do this. But, I knew straight away that I definitely didn’t want to be outside with myself and my products exposed to the elements and craft shows just didn’t seem to be the right fit for us.

My next challenge was to find kiosks in shopping centres, but this proved pretty difficult and I really struggled to find reliable companies to rent from. I eventually set up a kiosk at a shopping centre in Poole, Bournemouth through a fantastic company called Appear Here. I was finally interacting with my customers and they were able to see the products and try them on which was amazing.


Setting my sights on bigger things

After a couple of months I set my sights on London and managed to rent a pop up shop on the iconic Oxford Street in London! What a dream.

As you can imagine, renting a place in Oxford Street was rather a lot of money for a start up business like us but I absolutely loved every second of it and knew this was the right fit for Treasures of Brazil.

The pop up shop worked so well, we made lots of sales, met some lovely customers and really started to get a great following on social media because we were connecting with people. I knew this was the route I wanted to go down, I just didn’t have the money to do it regularly.

So, I went back to doing the shopping centre kiosks, working as hard as I could until I was able to start doing more pop ups in Oxford Street. 

Things were going great and we carried on for a couple of months before I came across the fabulous Sook Spaces and moved to South Molton Street in Mayfair earlier this year.

And we haven’t looked back since! We’ve had a number of pop up shops here this year which have all been really successful. This time, we've been here since 6th June and are staying here until the 26th June. It’s a lot of hard work but we really love connecting with our customers and showcasing our beautiful eco friendly jewellery, bags and beauty products.


Our future

Our pop up shops are all about building relationships with our customers, building up our brand and creating a following. I love that people can actually see and touch our products and they can see my passion for the products and the business, which means they fall in love with them as much as I do.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out when will be the next pop up. We'd love to see you!

Until next time,

Daiane x

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