A Guide to Agate Stone Jewellery

July 01, 2022
A Guide to Agate Stone Jewellery Treasures of Brazil
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Have you seen our range of Agate Stone jewellery and home accessories, all handmade in Brazil?

We absolutely LOVE agate here at Treasures of Brazil because each piece is so unique. We stock agate stone earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, phone pop sockets and even home accessories!

In this blog post, I’ll explore what agate stone is, how to wear it, where to find it and how to care for it…


What is Agate Stone?

Agate is a common rock formation, made up of fine, microscopic crystals which can only be seen under a microscope.

It’s one of the old gemstones to be used in jewellery, dating back around 2,000 years!

Without getting too scientific, agate is formed when silica is deposited in the pockets of igneous rock. These layers build and build, forming concentric layers around the walls of the pocket and this forms the agate.

This is what makes agate so unique. Each piece that is formed is different from the next, and that’s why it makes such stunning pieces of jewellery and artwork.

Our beautiful Brazil is one of the most productive sources of agate stone, and that’s another reason we love it so much!

What varieties of Agate Stone jewellery are there?

As I mentioned above, because of the way agate is formed, each piece is totally unique but there are a number of different varieties of agate, including;

Lace Agate Crystal - the bands and swirls make beautiful lace-like patterns, hence where it gets its name.

Fire Agate - one of our absolute favourites and can be found in pieces like our Fire Agate Bracelet. Fire agate has a warm, rich colour of fire due it being formed during periods of volcanic activity.

Brazilian agate - you’ll often find Brazilian agate polished and dyed to create bright pinks, purples and blues.

Moss Agate - as you might have guessed, moss agate gets its name from its mossy-green and blue-green hues and, whilst it does look like moss, there isn’t actually any organic matter in the stone. It is usually formed from weathered volcanic rocks. 


How to wear Agate Stone jewellery

Not surprisingly, agate stone is used a lot in jewellery, due to the unique and mesmerising patterns the stones have to offer. 

Not only that, but agate stone is extremely durable, meaning it is pretty difficult to damage it.

It’s also really versatile - if you’re going for a high-end, sophisticated look choose a minimalist piece like our Black Agate Cuff Bracelet and team it with an elegant blouse or wrap dress.

Or, if you’d prefer a more bohemian style, opt for a vibrant piece like our Adjustable Green Agate Ring.

Whatever piece of agate stone jewellery you choose, you’ll be in good company - designers such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent often use agate in their designs.


How to Care for Agate Stone Jewellery

As I mentioned before, agate is a really durable stone but there are still things you can do to preserve your jewellery for longer. As you know, we are all for fighting fast fashion!

To keep your agate stone jewellery looking its best:

  • Store it in a cloth pouch or in a jewellery box
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight to prevent discolouration
  • Use mild, soapy water to clean it
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals on or near your agate stone jewellery
  • Finish off your makeup before wearing the jewellery and when removing makeup, make sure you have already removed your jewellery.

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Until next time,

Daiane x

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