Gemstones and Seashells

January 23, 2023
Make an impact with the new season's trendiest styles
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Uncover the beauty of our unique gemstones and seashells! Our collection offers an array of Treasures from across the Earth's oceans. Explore colour, texture, size - each one is distinct in its own way. Discover your favourite today!

Make an impact with the new season's trendiest styles - showstopping statement gems! At Treasures of Brazil, we know it takes more than just a dazzling design to make our pieces stand out. Our selection features a versatile range of colourful stones like Lapis Lazuli and Agate as well as delicate freshwater pearls that shimmer in the light – all sure to bring something unique and special to any look or occasion.
Get ready for your closeup: It’s time for you (and our precious gemstones) take center stage!

Freshwater Pearl & Labradorite
Add a touch of timelessness to your wardrobe with some classic freshwater pearls. These alluring little treasures are sure to give you the perfect understated shimmer and will never go out of style! If it's statement jewellery that catches your eye, head over to Pearls from Treasures of Brazil for stunning pieces featuring these beauties. For those looking for subtle luminosity without overwhelming sparkle, Labradorite may be just what you’re after - its natural iridescence offers an enchanting hint at night-time glamour.


Mother of Pearl

From its shimmering iridescence to the unique texture of each piece, mother of pearl has stood out as a timeless classic for jewellery creation. Embracing every hue from white and shades of pink to silver-grey tones in some pieces, this delightful material is sure to captivate with its beauty and radiance. Whether you’re looking for subtle sophistication or bold elegance, we have an amazing selection that will make your look shine!


Abalone Shell

Blooming with shades of purple, blue and green, the breathtaking abalone stone is a must-have piece to add an extra special touch to any look.

Abalone stone jewellery, Treasures of Brazil Collection


Dare to be different this season as you explore our collection that includes head-turning pieces from pearls, labradorite –– and even more! Let Treasures of Brazil help your style flourish in 2023 with chic abalone jewellery for timeless elegance.

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